Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My Mailbox

Tonight I am sharing pictures of my mail box with you. When we moved into our house a few years ago our mailbox was a battered old tin mailbox in need of TLC, My hubby took it down to paint and me in mid "Mosaic anything that sits still long enough" mode, thought "Hmmm... Mosaic it" And so I did with much inspiration from my children.
Hard to think that behind such a peaceful front garden sits the crazy fun-filled noisy choatic house that is filled to bursting with 6 children!
Now a side view

          This side is very Child led, "Mummy can we have a rainbow, and a sun and a cloud"  It is also the side that lost it's tiles in a vandalism moment just before baby 6 was born, it no longer has tiles on the lower/underneath part. 

This side is "night" after the sunshine on the other side, children ordered a moon, and even a little token to our old cat Buttons who is sadly no longer with us.

Well, our mail box is very special to us so I thought it fitting that it would be used in the title page for my 2012, visual dairy scrapbook.