Saturday, 24 March 2012

Meeting my Baby Boy

The most important moments of my life have been meeting my babies for the first time. Even the 6th time it is a special moment. Mr 6 was a differnet experience altogether as he was my first c-cection due to his massive size! He was born weighing in at 11lbs 14 oz or 5.3 kg.

So obviously I wanted to capture this special moment in his life (please turn away if you are a bit squeamish!)

I found the buttons at a local op shop for .20c (I love a bargan and with lots of mouths to feed, this hobby is not allowed to cost to much) I tried to make an envelope to put his birth story in, but it was late and I got frustrated (note to self- learn to make neat lil envelopes for journaling) So I ended up with just fold out booklet. You can read about Georges birth here

This page is of him being checked before his mother has even had a good look at him!

Why can't they stay newborn babies for a bit longer???

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